Container Terms & Conditions

*** Before ordering a container, we recommend walking the area where you want to place the container and check for overhead hazards like powerlines and tree branches. Roll-off trucks require up to 20 feet of aerial space and the full length of the container and truck/trailer for loading and unloading. ***

Read Our Terms & Conditions AND Then Consent To The Terms

  • Prices are for 7 day rentals, or per dump.
  • Boxes may be rented past 7 days for an additional $58 per week.
  • Do not use heavy equipment of any type to pack down waste.
  • Please distribute weight evenly in boxes.
  • Do not move container unless approved by Empire Waste Systems office manager.
  • Any damage done to the container will be repaired and charged to the customer.
  • Any wait time or rearranging of load time incurred by the driver will be charged to the customer.
  • Please respect any and all FILL LINES on the dumpsters. Loads over the fill lines are subject to additional fees and/or refusal of loads at the discretion of Empire.
  • For driveways with pavers, delicate/fancy/ornamental concrete, we require owners to provide ¾“ plywood cut into two 8’x18” & two 2’x2’ strips, be placed under the dumpster for protection.
  • Empire is NOT responsible for driveway damages.
    • Maximum 8-ton weight limit on all boxes, regardless of size.
    • 10 yd. (8-ton limit) – pink line maximum line for dirt, asphalt, concrete, etc to minimize exposure to overweight charges.
    • 20 yd. (4-ton limit) $76/ton up to 8-tons
    • 30 yd. (6-ton limit) $76/ton up to 8-tons
    • 40 yd. (8-ton limit)
  • Maximum 8 ton weight limit on all boxes, regardless of size.
  • NO FOOD WASTE OR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS (paint, oil, tires, appliances containing freon (refrigerators, freezers, window unit air conditioners), propane tanks, fuels, electronics, asbestos, etc.).
  •  NO PARKING in front of containers.
  • Customer MUST notify Empire of swaps, deliveries, and pick ups. Empire assumes customer is keeping the box if Empire is not notified.
  • Call office for special prices/procedures for manure.
  • If using a loader to load dumpsters – you will likely pick up extra dirt, thus increasing the dumster weight exponentially with each bucket – BE AWARE !!
  • A $200 – $350 charge to re-spot or relocate a box will be incurred depending on location and situation of box.
  • Any refusal of load, failed attempt to deliver or pick up a box for any reason will be charged $200 – $350.
  • If dumpster becomes too stuffed and the load gets stuck (wet conrete, over sized items, etc.) and Empire is unable to dislodge items and must use heavy equipment, the Minimum charge is $200 for downtime and equipment.
  • If Heavy Materials such as CONCRETE / ROCK / DIRT etc. are found in any boxes other than a 10 yard dumpsters resulting in that box being overweight, the following situation will occur:

        ➣ Any refusal of load, failed attempt to deliver or pick up a box for any reason will be charged $200 – $350
        ➣ Additional charges of additional dumpsters needed to remedy the situation – minimum of $450 depending
      on location and size(s) needed.
        ➣ Time of Owner/Contractor to transfer materials from overloaded box to empty box.

  • Prices and policies may change without notice! Please call our office for current pricing.

Violations / Fines

  • Violation of policies/restrictions will be billed accordingly at $210 per ton.
  • Additional service/travel fees may be imposed at $200 per trip (ex. Show up to pick up box and it’s too full-hence a 2nd trip).
  • OVER WEIGHT BOXES are taken very seriously. Nevada Highway Patrol fines are per pound over the vehicle’s GVW and can be in the thousands of dollars! If for any reason Empire’s drivers incur a ticket that cost WILL BE passed along to the customer.
  • Empire Waste Systems has the right to refuse a load, require the Owner to make corrections at the Owner’s cost, and/or dump the load back on the Owner’s premise.
  • Repeat Violations of policies/restrictions are subject to cancellation of service and/or additional charges. Empire reserves the right to remove a dumpster at any time for violations of our policies.

    ***If Empire encounters a dumpster with compacted waste, Price and weight restrictions will be reevaluated on an individual basis.



Laura JohnsonLaura Johnson
19:41 27 Sep 23
Well this would be our 3 Dumpster from Empire, because hands down there the best, all the way around the prices are great, the service is great, but most of all they care about having repeat customers, because the price you pay for a extra day is more than reasonable. I Recommend them for anyone that’s in need of a Dumpster period. Thank you again Empire and Michell is Awesome
Charles MeyerCharles Meyer
22:12 28 Aug 23
Always there to help when I'm in a bind. As a local general contractor it is vitally important to have a great company like Empire to rely on...even with last minute requests.
David HahnDavid Hahn
13:23 24 Aug 23
Professional, courteous, great drivers. Couple of caveats. Placement of the five dumpsters was a bit off but when we were there to direct the driver they were spot on, including Foley putting one in a very tight spot. Second, our last dumpster was removed prematurely at 1/2-3/4 full. Will get with y'all again when we gather the rest of the debris for hauling. Last thing, Michelle is a peach.
JR lopezJR lopez
21:55 23 Aug 23
Great service, always on time to pick up dumpster. Every company should use them.
Kellen McDermotKellen McDermot
23:59 12 Jul 23
Easy to work with and super professional. Drivers always on time. They’re on all my job sites
Mandy McNittMandy McNitt
19:02 17 Jun 22
Empire Waste Systems was awesome! The owner is a super nice guy. He personally came out and spent the day delivering and emptying multiple boxes. He did a great job getting his trucks right where we needed it and working with us and our neighbors on all aspects of the job. Definitely recommend Matt and his crew!
Robyn PowellRobyn Powell
15:18 19 Mar 21
We've used Empire several times now during the process of our full home renovation. The staff is friendly, they have good availibility and I appreciate being able to keep the dumpster for a full week vs. other companies charging the same and only let you keep it for 4 days. They offer plenty of sizes and have always been super helpful. Thanks again!